Stag Do Traditions

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People sometimes think that traditions are hundreds of years old, but in my mind a tradition is  something which has been passed on from stag to stag. It is a time when a man calls for all his family and best friends to get together and celebrate his single life before he gets married.


Humiliating the stag is a good place to start and these humiliation rituals can be done in many different ways!

The Kitty

Essential when it comes to planning a stag do. Isn’t it annoying when everyone starts working out how much they’ve paid or they owe down to the last penny!  The Kitty keeps peace, everyone adds in the same amount and when it runs out, repeat the process.

What happens on a stag do..stays on a stag do

Now this traditions goes without saying most of the time. Nothing should be discussed about whats happens on the stag weekend with anyone other than the group.

Fancy Dress

More traditional now than it’s ever been, especially when the whole group dresses up. In the past it began with dressing up the stag in something ridiculous, but now a lot of stag groups all dress up from super heros to old ladies.

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